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Motivation Is The Key ((Top 5 Motivating Books))


 I have A fire lit withing and I am Motivated, I have many goals I want to crush, and time is too limited... You will rarely see me sleep past 6 am like rarely almost like a solar eclipse that rare.... I believe god gave us a gift and we repay him by using it... I have not always been motivated I have been bullheaded same thing right, but I have a vision in my head and i want to make it happen come hell or high water... 

If you hang around me long enough I will make you believe in yourself or I can just recommened a book that has helped me become motivated....


Top 5 Books That Have Changed My Life:

1. Better Human -- It A Full Time Job By Ronda Conger

2. You're A Badass -- By Jen Sincero

3. Power Thoughts -- By Joyce Meyers

4. You Go First -- By Ronda Conger

5. Compound Effect -- By Darren Hardy


-- I know i said top 5 by Girl Wash Your Face I had on audio & is Hand Downs Perfect for mamas.

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