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A boutique on the go for all those bLaZiN' their own trail through life -to- stay at home gypsies®️
. Based out of a small town in Idaho.


theFRINGEDpineapple is a mix of Gypsy,boho, western, all mixed into one..... life is short dress to impress --- YOURSELF..


Dani the owner followed her dream and started theFRINGEDpineapple spring of 2017. Pineapple is the name of Dani's dream paint horse that she had wanted since she was a little girl, when life started coming all together Pineapple came into her life. It showed her little girls dreams can come true right when life is perfect, as has theFRINGEDpineapple. Live life BOLD follow your arrow.



Born & raised in Idaho Falls, Dani grew up in the middle of town. Fall of 2013 she met her Idaho Cowboy . In 2014 they were engaged &  later married in 2015 -- ALong for the ride they bought a 100 year old farmhouse, they restored, & her cowboy moved her into the country. Short after that the horse Dani had dreamed of always having (a paint named pineapple) came into her life.  Between being married to a Cowboy of all trades, & raising a wild Cowboy named Jett -- Dani owns & operates theFRINGEDpineapple.


You will commonly find us on the road all over Eastern Idaho.


Thank you all for shopping small.