The Comeback Make It Western Mystery BOX 2.0 ((Assortment Of sizes))

The Comeback Make It Western Mystery BOX 2.0 ((Assortment Of sizes))


Assorted Mystery box


excludes all codes & Discounts. If code is used you will be invoiced - invoice must be paid before shipping’s 


A 18x18x6 box of FRINGED ASSORTED SIZES GOODNESS. THIS CAN BE ANYTHING, Lots of singles items, seasonal - jewelry anything . Not new arrivals IF YOU LIKE Surprises this if for you. WAY BELOW WHOLESALE. YOU DO NOT GET TO PICk Sizes they are assorted sizes and items. not all boxes will have purses - if you put sizing in notes it will still be assorted please note this before purchasing. 

please note that these are final sale, no exchanging items or returning... share with your friends & family. we cannot guarantee that you have not already purchase these items - they will not include new arrivals .. enjoy we hope you love & please send us pictures.- shipping must be paid per box if shipping isn’t paid customer will

be invoiced and item will be held - if you order more then one box you will receive an invoice for a second shipping. 

Excludes other discounts &  Sezzle if used you will be invoiced  discount plus $2


take 10-15 business days to ship


If you do want too pick your size in a mystery item make sure to find our grab bags.