8-10 Business Days For Shipping processing

Policy & (Return) Terms 2021

When purchasing & completing an order with theFRINGEDpineapple Boutique LLC -  By Clicking "I Agree To Terms & Conditions" at checkout. Buyer agrees, they accept, understand, & have read and are in agreeance to the policy listed below, which includes restock fees, final sale items, Return policy, return time frames.
AS OF JANUARY 1st 2021 Policy Changes are applied ( if order was placed before 1/1/2021 please see previous policy)
HOLIDAY POLICY: DUE TO THE HOLIDAY ITEMS PURCHASED AFTER DECEMBER 1st - December 11th that are not final sale items (see below) Are eligible for return up until January 4th 2021 - if in policy guidelines below.
***Important Info & FAQ:***
Can I Cancel My Order?
**to insure fast shipping & order errors we do not cancel Orders**
Once an item(s) are "purchased" no refund will be issued , only store credit, even if  the item(s) have not shipped -- .
How Do I Get FREE SHIPPING Offer OVER $150?
Use code "Freeship" Make sure code is applied at checkout it cannot be honored after (it is not an automatic code). Please keep in mind Free shipping is an offer/code and cannot be mixed or stacked with other offers or codes. If you have two codes we suggest using the one that save you more money!!
When Will My Items Ship?
We ask for 8-10 Business days for shipping processing  (we are closed Mondays,
Wednesday’s & Weekends)
  •  Business hours are 9am-4pm Mtn Standard time orders placed after 4pm on business days are considered ordered next day.  
Do you ship international?
    yes!! we do we have an ESTIMATED shipping cost at checkout. & we do invoice the difference once order is ready too ship.
    Please keep this in mind when shopping. We do not cancel orders due to shipping differences. buyer is responsible for ALL fees. 
    Can I Exchange My Item?
    Because of high volume of orders we DO NOT do exchanges. No Exceptions.
    What if I receive the wrong item or a damaged item?
    thefringedpineapple needs to be notified within 48 hours of receiving via email NOT SOCIAL MEDIA( see more info In policy) - (Social media messages will not be accepted). see full policy below) - if the item is damaged via usps the fringedpineapple is not responsible and you need to file a route claim. If buyer opted out of didn’t  route ( or did not search “route” & add to cart in the app), your packages is not covered. Please pay/Add route. 
    What Is The Restock Fee?
    If "freeship"  or a discount is used - Restock Fee's $8 each item ((first class shipments)) $10-$15 (priority)).
    (if shipping cost is higher there may be a higher fee)) please see full description below. 
    Is My Item A Final Sale?
    Please see full description below for final sale item.
    When Do I Get My Credit Issued?
    theFRINGEDpineapple LLC issues store credit via account every Friday ( we ask for two Fridays Between receiving  for credits to be apolled), If we are closed Friday credits will be issued on Following Business day. If the item is received on a Friday the credit will not be issued till following one or two Fridays.  We DO NOT send emails out to notify.
    ** store credits cannot cover shipping & can only be used online)
    How Do I Use My Credit?
    Please refer to photo at the bottom of this page.
    Effective 1/01/2021 
     Will offer Free Shipping Over $150 Code "freeship"
    ( This code cannot be mixed with other offers or codes - "freeship" is excluded when using gift cards and credit due too our system - only valid if used at checkout.
    (Please double check code is applied we will not be able to honor, refund, or apply code one purchase is complete) 
    WE OFFER SEZZLE at $100 min. Purchase - if order is under $100 Sezzle cannot be used.
    Because of high volume of orders we DO NOT do exchanges or cancel orders. 
    Restock Fee's $8 each item ((first class shipments)) $10-$15 (priority)) (if "freeship" code is used)) 
    -- more info below--
    Our Number one policy at theFRINGEDpineapple LLC is too strive to have  great customer service and happy customers, we understand life happens and things don't fit. Please Understand Our policy below for easy returns so we can provide the best possible service.
    theFRINGEDpineapple Boutique LLC SALES:
    Our Processing time is 8-10 Business days for shipping
    (We are closed Mondays, Wednesday’s & Weekends)
    •  Business hours are 9am-4pm Mountain Standard time orders placed after 4pm on business days are considered ordered next day.  
    *International orders are FINAL sale. (we are not responsible for lost packages) AT THIS TIME AUSTRALIA SHIPPING IS COSTING $100 plus USDA
    ( all fees incurred are buyers responsibly)
    Final Sale Include:
    *Items Discounted 15% or more ,or discounted  $5 or more (if cash value
    discounted )
    (example now $20 was $25)
    *(fringed deals) -- (all I want for Christmas)
    *FRINGED Deal collection is a last chance reduced priced collection - sold as is. - these items are a final sale. 
    * ALL (holiday items )are final sale. 
    - All purchases a return code (full or partial) was used on from a previous return, are FINAL SALE.
    *Other FINAL SALE item include --  seasonal, basics tanks, bralettes, bodysuit, swimwear, shoes, purses, purse straps, backpacks, bags, jewelry, belts, tumblers, hats, rugs, any/all Accessories, home decor, bedding/blankets, custom orders etc. --
    are FINAL sale -
    * Items sold at shows are a final sale - due to commonly donating a percentage of sales. - these item are sold "as is"
    *in instances that a  final sale is accepted for return there will be a fee of 30%+ 
    (if customer files a claim, the order is put on store credit and item is put back in stock if order hasn’t not reached customer)
     *IMPORTANT** : Once an item is "purchased" no refund will be issued , only store credit, even if  the item{item's) have not shipped -- 
    * Invoiced items are held for 30min.. they are our fast flow items & can't be held past that time. Please pay invoices immediately.
    * Custom orders or preorders that are custom sizing are final sale, these can take up to 2-4 weeks for us to receive please take note of that when ordering. -- they cannot be canceled.
    * Buyer is responsible to make sure sizing is correct before ordering - once ordered we are not able to switch sizing this is so we can have fast shipping and not have errors.
    theFRINGEDpineapple Boutique LLC RETURNS:
    *Clothing can be returned within 10 days of receiving
    (Example: if received the 18th needs to be in the mail 28th)
    * Item will only be accepted with tags on, non washed or worn. If received & has been washed or worn it will not be accepted. Items returned,
    are returned at buyers cost.
    ( Please Ship USPS for its being shipped to a USPS box. Be sure proper insurance is paid for, for returning items for lost &/or damage cannot be given store credit for loss or damaged items)
    Inventory flows fast, and items may not be  in stock for exchange if you want a different size please purchase as it will not be held. We will not refund initial purchase it will be treated as a return.
    Contact info@thefringedpineapple.com for returns. We typically reply to emails with 48 business hours (DO NOT contact via social media)
    (make sure too check Junk mail for responses. )
    (item must be returned in condition it has left, if damaged buyer is responsible)
    *When code "freeship"  (over $150) or a discount code is used on an order 
    Items are store credit  less $8 initial handling restock fee (each item)($10 -$15 big items on priority packages) 
    - When Flat Rate Shipping is paid restock fee is 10%
    (initial shipping will not be refunded)
    *store credits are for online store, cannot be used in person or on our app. Due to our systems.  
    ( to redeem store credit via code you must have an account on www.thefringedpineappple.com, 1) log into your account  2) click "Store credit" )(check junk mail for any emails) 
    * Items will not be accepted after the 10 days.(( in the case that an item(s) are accepted ((on occasion)) it is less an extra 10% of price + restock/shipping fee)
    theFRINGEDpineapple BOUTIQUE LLC Codes & Services:
    *We have the right here to refuse service.
    Sale codes, gift cards, store credit codes, Shipping codes, REWARDS;
    *Cannot be mixed with other sale codes/codes ((at times may not be mixed with store credit)
    *Codes & credits are for online store online cannot be used at events or via invoices 
    *Due to our system gift cards/store credits and codes cannot be stacked with each other or together. & can only be used on online store.
    -- Or return codes
    *Discount codes are valid only day (for website )sent via email, text, social media - unless stated otherwise 
    -All codes on time frames are mountain time.
    Codes MUST be used at checkout to be valid, if codes are not used they CANNOT be honored or refunded sale will be as purchased.
    ((we do not accept checks, in special case if we do if returned there will be a $30 fee))
    theFRINGEDpineapple Boutique LLC
    Defective Items or package discrepancies: 
    Life happens and we make mistakes & may accidentally send the wrong or damaged items, they must be claimed within 2 days of receiving (marked delivered)-- or is considered wear & tear. (Exterior packaging cannot be damaged see shipping section) If worn or washed within receiving (in 2 day frame or after) theFRINGEDpineapple is not responsible for damage/wear & tear - if same item is in stock we will replace damaged/wrong item, damaged/wrong item must be sent back within 5 Days of receiving ( paid label will be sent), if not sent back within 5 days - it will be treated as a return & issued store credit. No refunds.
    if damaged please email info@thefringedpineapple.com photos of the damaged item(s) within two days of receiving. ((Photos must be sent within two days)) Make sure you choose and paid for route insurance - the fringedpineapple is not responsible  for damaged items.
    ((Example received 9th needs claimed by 11th ))
    * Upon receiving purse please make sure screw in strap is tightened.
    *Please read washing instructions upon receiving, theFRINGEDpineapple is not responsible if an item is washed and shrinks, that has instructions to was by hand.
    *Clothing color may have a slight different color then pictured due to lighting, & monitor colors. 
    * We are paperless no Invoice/ packing slip will be sent... your receipt is you conformation email.
    theFRINGEDpineapple Boutique LLC SHIPPING:
    Shipping Processing is 8-10 business days 
    *FREE  First class shipping on U.S. orders with code "freeship" -- unless other wise stated.
    (( if shipping cost is more then average it is at buyers cost ))
    *theFRINGEDpineapple ships International at buyers full cost
    (starts at $22). Shipping may be more then charged at checkout difference will be invoiced (if needed)
    ( all fees incurred are buyers responsibly)
    please keep this in mind when international shopping we DO Not Cancel due to shipping cost. 
    *Once an item is dropped off at USPS we are not responsible for it.
    *If orders are placed separate shipping cost will not be refunded. ( due to cost incurred and shipping increase )
    * $100 purse sales excludes from free shipping (must choose $10 US ship)
    * Grab Bags excluded free shipping (Must choose $8 ship)
    (if shipping is refused to pay initial cost goes on store credit)
    *Our Processing time is 8-10 Business days for shipping
    (We are closed Mondays, Wednesday’s & Weekends)
    Once an order is placed shipping process starts.
    *Check and double check your address. We may not get to an email before an order is shipped If package is sent back it'll be at buyer cost to ship again & all other cost incurred due to wrong address ,if new shipping is not paid within 20 days item will go back in stock and credit will be applied to buyers account. We cannot guarantee returns/refused  items  will be returned to us at this time. We are not responsible for lost items. 
    *theFRINGEDpineapple  is  not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages. (If route insurance is not bought) Once package is marked "delivered" if lost package needs to be claimed at with the local postal service and or local law enforcement. Check with your neighbor if you have not received. If damaged after delivered, buyer is responsible.  For other issues contact local post office.
     Route Insurance:
    At Checkout pay for your route insurance...(nonrefundable)
    (if route is opted out theFRINGEDpineapple is not responsible for lost or damaged packages) 
    Please see route website for more details.
    ON App:
    if you are shopping on the app please search “route” and add insurance for your cart too be covered. we are not responsible if route is not added.
    * if customer files a claim and item is delivered we have the right to press charges. 

    * if customer files a claim and item has been in shipment not received, we will add store credit & add item back into our stock. 
    *theFRINGEDpineapple has the right to refuse service.
    * Free gifts on order are while supplies last. 
    *Discount are for day email is sent: 
    *theFRINGEDpineapple sells items in photos separately, no items are sold as a group
    *theFRINGEDpineapple has the right to refuse orders.
    *theFRINGEDpineapple respects privacy, no information will be given to a third party.
    theFRINGEDpineapple BOUTIQUE LLC
    *Prices of our products are subject to change, prices may change without any notification.
    *At times we do have errors on descriptions, prices, & promotions. We have the right to cancel orders and/or change errors - this does not qualify for items refund. 
     ** giveaways**
    Must claim prize ((contact us)) with 72 hours of being announced — 
    (we pull items from Stock and they need to be out back in within 72 hours of being announced ))
    US shipping is Free on Physical Items (excludes gift cards & store credits)
    International winners pay shipping of items
    Instagram Winners : Must be following us
    Facebook: must like our
    page to win (( theFRINGEDpineapple))
    ((all giveaways are subject to Stock on hand- we have the right to refuse service ))
    Thank you all for supporting theFRINGEDpineapple
    Happy & BLESSED Trails!! Xo